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Producing a Variety of Alloys

Our company produces both product lines in a variety of alloys such as low alloy and carbon steels, all tool steels, all stainless steels including 300 and 400 series, high alloy steels, all nickel alloys including nickel-chromium, nickel-copper, and nickel-beryllium, all cobalt alloys alloys including cobalt-chromium (i.e. ASTM F-75, Vitallium®), cobalt-chromium-tungsten, and cobalt-chromium nitrogen enhanced.

Our titanium distributor  produces all of its alloys and metals in any of the following forms:

Certified Investment Casting Ingot • Certified Foundry Shot •  Certified Dental Ingot •  Certified Dental Shot

However, Our company  can easily accommodate your special requests for an unique alloy form if requested.

Our company prides itself on superior customer service by producing high quality alloy products, made to your unique specifications, and shipped to you as soon as a day after you place your order!  Plus….Our company  can quickly custom manufacturer your alloy or alloy scrap (toll conversion) and certify the product to your required specifications.

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