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Personal Training With Knowledge & Power

Resistance training builds strength, sculpts the body, strengthens bones, improves performance, and dramatically affects fat loss efforts. Doing it safely and effectively requires a high degree of precision and understanding. Due to this fact and the fact that our clients are comfortable handling the aerobic workouts that we prescribe for them, most of our training sessions are focused around resistance training.

On first contact with you, we schedule an initial consultation appointment. During this first meeting, we get to know each other, bring your goals into sharp focus, and begin the training process. Components of this session include filling out a health appraisal, an individual movement assessment, demonstrating some of the exercises youll do, trying some basic exercises, and formulating a game plan to move you forward.

Finally, well address scheduling, training cost, and commitment incentives. Thats it! We welcome the opportunity to share our Knowledge & Power with you and help you get in your best shape.

Getting started with Knowledge & Power is simple. Call or e-mail us. Well discuss your needs, propose a plan of action, and get you on your way to the results you want.

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