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Old School Photography

Years ago, when photographers used large format cameras for their commercial and portrait work, it was not uncommon to see images where the depth of field was very limited. On a portrait that meant only the eyes were really in focus, or in a product shot, all was blurry except the item that the photographer wanted the viewer to focus on. Someone along the way found that an interesting effect could be created by tilting the front lens of the view camera so that the plane of focus was not parallel to the film plane, but instead angled front to back at an odd angle. The effect was interesting because it created a field or plane of focus that was unexpected. Despite the fact that we expect objects the same distance from the camera to be in focus, for example the plane of a face, this effect had only some of that area in focus. In addition, one could discern a plane of focus going through that one spot, both front and back, that might also be sharp. It was completely counter-intuitive and thus created an eye-catching effect. Large format cameras with tilt and shifts of the lens are the exception now, instead of the rule,  but we can create a similar effect using Photoshop’s layers, masking and gradient tools. Corporate photo booth rentals in Orlando use similar effects in their pictures.

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